18 Jul

As the 2012 General Election draws near, voters, pundits and campaigns are looking for endorsement. And what greater endorsement could any one person or issue seek this year?

Why it’s that of Betty White, of course.



Betty recently came out in support of gay marriage, which wasn’t really surprising. But equally awesome. And even though Obama and Romney are doing most of the campaigning, if Betty was on the ballot, she’d sure as sin get some votes.

Betty is no stranger to politics. In the Golden Girls Episode “Strange Bedfellows,” Rose and company try to get Gil Kessler elected to city council. Golden Girls was also a pro-gay show. In one episode, Rose naively signs Blanche and Dorothy up to speak on television as lesbian lovers of Miami, and Rose is even the subject of a lesbian crush.

So it’s no surprise Betty is so vocal know. The Golden Girls had it right in 1986!


Sagging Betty

31 Jan

We have been on a two-year hiatus, but luckily for Golden Girls fans, that two years has seen the revamping of the career of Betty White. Betty played the lovable, St. Olaf-story telling Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls, and is a trailblazer for women in media, being one of the first women to run her own production company.

Her latest accolade is the prestigious Screen Actors Guild award for best actress in a comedy; and even in her acceptance speech, she proves she can still deliver comedy.

But there’s another GG connection to the SAG awards last night that wasn’t Betty White. In fact, it’s Ernest Borgnine, a 94-year-old Hollywood actor who was also honored for a lifetime achievement award.

Borgnine was also referenced on GG: In Episode 6, Season 1, this exchange takes place:
Dorothy: I do not snore.
Sophia: Please, I’ll bet less disgusting noises come out of Ernest Borgnine!

At the reminder of our favorite boo, Betty also debuted a new movie on Hallmark, called The Lost Valentine, last night.

The woman never stops!

My new Grandma

27 Apr

I forgot that Rufus Wainwright name-dropped Bea in the song ‘California’ from his 2001 album Poses.

Part of our ongoing farewell tribute to Bea.

Life after Bea

27 Apr



Still suffering from the harsh news of Bea’s recent death, it is somewhat comforting to read the many lovely things that her coworkers, admirers, and fans have had to say about her. There are so many news stories out there about Bea that I don’t know where to start. But a bit of news first, Hallmark Channel will pay tribute to Arthur with a Golden Girls Memorial Day Marathon featuring Dorothy-centric episodes on Monday, May 25, from 6:30 am/ET until 2:30 am/ET. That’s great to hear!

Entertainment Weekly
People Magazine
LA Times</a

and a very good blog post titled “Five Lessons from the Career of Bea Arthur”
another good blog post giving Bea her credit and an obit at Time.
Other stuff


25 Apr

I have just read that Bea Arthur passed away this morning at age 86.

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur

More links:

Entertainment Weekly

E! Online

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More to come…

Crime of passion?

30 Mar

This is not really newsworthy, but I couldn’t think of anything else to write today:

A home that Rue McClanahan once owned was ransacked.
More details…
I like to think it was a crazy Golden Girls fan who wanted to see the bedroom where Blanche had ‘slept’.

Gettin’ crafty on the lanai

28 Mar

I love etsy. There are soooo many neat handmade items and I could spend hours looking through all the various wares. I also like to support craftspeople, my mom sells stuff on etsy and it’s cool when people buy her stuff. I just happened to be on etsy and I thought, “Why not search to see if there are any Golden Girls items for sale. And….there are!

Golden Girls Pendant

Golden Girls Pendant

This beauty (pictured above) was only $6.95. Buy it before it sells out!

A Golden Girls print for sale on etsy

A Golden Girls print for sale on etsy

This print (pictured above) is a steal at only $15.00. It would look perfect in your kitchen, so you could eat cheesecake with the gals every night! There are also matching magnets!

Want to wear the girls near your heart? Pin on this brooch for only $8.00.

A Golden Girls Brooch

A Golden Girls Brooch

A nifty little Golden Girls bottlecap charm is a steal at $5.00:

Golden Girls Charm

Golden Girls Charm

And who doesn’t want this tote bag to carry their Golden Girls’ dvds? (Because who can leave home without their Girls?)

Golden Girls Tote Bag

Golden Girls Tote Bag

Also check out this bracelet, another version of the tote bag, this ring, and a St. Olaf charm.

Get crafty, lanai style. Have you made a GG crafty item? Let me know!